Bike lessons and resources for women in Boston, MA

Learn valuable lessons on two wheels at these workshops for all levels.

Black bike standing under green canopy.

You don’t need to own a bike to participate.

Photo via @ghostbikestand

The City of Boston is trying wheely hard to make the roads more safe + equitable for everyone with the return of Women Bike! programming.

What is it?

The City of Boston is hosting workshops and offering resources for adults to build confidence in riding bikes around the city. The program offers free learn-to-bike workshops and helps participants find the joy in riding a bike.

This program is perfectly timed with the current shutdown of the Orange Line through Sun., Sept. 18 and Bluebikes offering free, 45-minute rides to help reduce public transit congestion.

Who can attend?

The free classes are led by women for any Boston resident who identifies as female or gender-diverse. Bikes and helmets are provided. Registration is required.

What classes are offered?

There are three workshops to participate in for any level of experience, no matter if you have never ridden a bike or if your skills are just a little rusty.

🚲 Basic Skills β€” This two-hour class is taught in a parking lot and designed for those who have never learned to ride or those who want to practice basic skills. This class is offered once or twice a month + will cover the basics of starting, stopping, turning, and hand signaling.

🚲 Road Readiness β€” Also held in a parking lot, this 90-minute class will help prepare riders to hit the road with more support on city street skills. This class will cover hand signals, advanced bike handling, changing gears, and defensive riding.

🚲 On-Street Skills β€” This class takes students to the streets on a 90-minute group ride with off-street paths, separated bike lanes, and a shared street path. This class is designed for those who have completed the Street Skills course and are more comfortable riding a bike.

Save the date for upcoming workshops on Sat., Sept. 17 + Sat., Oct. 1.