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Are you faster than the MBTA?

According to recent data, it’s very possible.

Red Line train moving over a Boston bridge

Time your next jog and see if you’re faster than a Boston train.

Photo by @ckelley1989

As it turns out, you don’t need to be a Boston Marathon runner to outpace parts of the MBTA.

The Boston Globe recently obtained data on our transit system’s ongoing slow zones, which showed eight spots along the Green Line where the average Bostonian would give the T a run for its money.

Here are a few of the stations where trains are chugging along at a slower-than-normal pace:

  • Fenway: Westbound Green Line trains are moving at three miles per hour by this station — meaning a brisk walk would likely be quicker.
  • Packards Corner: Trains passing by the intersection of Commonwealth and Brighton avenues are traveling at six miles per houra pace you might be able to beat on your next jog.
  • Assembly and Wellington: For one half-mile between these two Orange Line stations, trains are restricted to speeds of 25 miles per houraka the Boston speed limit for drivers.
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