Local photographers set out to capture “Bostonhenge”

Here’s what to know about these sunset snaps. 📸

Bright sunset in between buildings in Boston's Back Bay

We can’t wait to see all the sunset photos this weekend.

If you happened to see a crowd of photographers around Boston on Wednesday night, you likely witnessed some attempts at capturing “Bostonhenge.”

The phenomenon’s name references “Manhattanhenge,” which itself was named after Stonehenge. It refers to the few times a year where the setting sun aligns perfectly with certain city streets.

While Wednesday evening’s sunset didn’t turn out exactly as planned, local photographer Jack Daryl thinks the next best chance of documenting it will be tonight and Saturday evening before sunset at ~5:10 p.m. After that, we can expect another prime photo opportunity in late October.

His favorite photo shoot location? The intersection of Arlington, Columbus, and Stuart streets in Back Bay.

Check out the hashtag #Bostonhenge on Instagram to see different sunset angles from talented local photographers. If you share your photos on social media, tag us (@bostoday) so we can admire Boston’s sunset glow with you.

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