It’s electric: Boston Public Schools adds new electric buses

Learn how these electric buses are being integrated into the fleet.

A new electric school bus.

One of the new electric school buses for BPS.

Photo provided by City of Boston

The wheels on the electric buses go round and round, and yesterday the City of Boston celebrated getting the keys to the first two electric school buses for the Boston Public Schools fleet. These new buses will replace existing diesel vehicles. Currently, BPS has ~620 buses, so there is still a lot of road to cover.

The first routes, including 111 trips for 24 schools, have been specifically planned for distance from the charging station, total length of the route, and expected traffic patterns.

BPS will add an additional 18 buses and finish installing 20 charging stations at the Readville bus yard, so each bus will have a dedicated charger. An estimated 2,561 students will be riding the 20 buses to school each day, once they hit the road, later this month.

The goal is to replace the entire fleet with electric buses by 2030.

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