Boston’s most haunted locations

Gather your ghouls and take a ghost tour.

The lobby of the Omni Parker House in Boston.

Check in for a haunting good time at the Omni Parker House.

Photo by @katlenaphotos

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Gather around — it’s time for a spooky story. With a city as old historic as ours, there’s no shortage of haunted spots + terrifying tales to tell.

Read on… if you dare.

👻 Cutler Majestic Theater

Aside from a spirited performance, visitors have reported sightings of multiple ghosts. According to a few accounts, Emerson students have caught a glimpse of a suspected former Boston Mayor in the seat where he died during a performance. There has also been a young girl spotted floating in the upper balcony.

👻 Omni Parker House

Did you know that the third floor was once occupied by Charles Dickens? Guests have reported many paranormal experiences on this floor. The elevator will suspiciously stop there without anyone pushing the button, and the doors will open to no one waiting. Plus, no one can say the owner Mr. Harvey Parker wasn’t a hard worker — especially since guests have reported seeing him doing guest room checks and roaming the halls dressed in 19th century attire.

👻 Boston Athenaeum

This historic library will raise your spirits as it used to display a book bound in human skin + still offers views of the Granary Burying Ground. This eerie destination is rumored to be haunted by the ghost of Reverend Harris, which was first witnessed by Nathaniel Hawthorne in the reading room.

👻 The Liberty Hotel

This now luxury hotel was once the Charles Street Jail, aka Suffolk County Jail. The historic property dates back to the 1851 and hotel guests have reported hearing the sounds of heavy boots stomping and the clang of cell doors locking + temperature changes shortly after.

👻 USS Salem

This Navy cruiser was built after World War II and can be found in Quincy. The ship’s “mess hall” has the most reported afterlife activity. Visitors have had recurring experiences with a man named John who used to work in maintenance on the ship before his death.

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