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Boston’s building name trivia

Take a guess on the names of these three Boston buildings.

Boston building triva image featuring three buildings.

Can you name these three Boston buildings?

Boston, let’s play a game that could earn you some cash one day. ICYMI — last week, competitors on the TV game show Jeopardy!” were unable to guess the name of one of Boston’s iconic downtown buildings, costing them the chance to win $400.

The category was “The Corporate Structure.” Here’s the clue: “This Boston tower built by a financial company has been officially renamed 200 Clarendon — much less patriotic.”

What is: The John Hancock Tower.

In the spirit of making sure you are prepared for any trivia in the future, here is a quick quiz on three of Boston’s most recognizable buildings.

1. This glass building is the tallest in the Downtown Crossing neighborhood, standing at nearly 700 ft tall and offering its residents unrivaled views.
Millennium Tower

2. The iconic clock tower in the Financial District that was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1973.
The Custom House Tower

3. This 36-story building is located at the site formerly known as Fort Hill. It’s made of unpolished rose-granite panels and features an octagonal-based pyramid on the top of the tower.
Two International Place

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