Spilling the beans on Cafe Gloria

Get to know Will Isaza, the bartender turned cafe owner who is bringing a new coffee concept to East Boston later this year.

A rendering of the counter inside Cafe Gloria.

Here’s where we can expect to place all of our coffee orders inside Cafe Gloria.

Rendering via @cafegloriabos

There’s been a lot of buzz around a new locally-owned coffee shop that is coming soon to East Boston. Before the coffee begins pouring, we wanted to get to know Will Isaza, the bar director of favorite spots like Blossom Bar and the new Birds of Paradise, who’s opening the new neighborhood cafe at 287 Maverick St. in East Boston.

Before Cafe Gloria began brewing, the “The Gloria” was first introduced as a cocktail in a competition, featuring a rum base with passion fruit, cinnamon, and marscapone — flavors that Will was familiar with and celebrate his Colombian background.

“I did a couple weeks of research in Eastie to see what’s missing in the area and learning what the neighborhood really needs,” Will said.

He saw a need for a community space and local coffee shop, where currently the options are limited to chains like Starbucks, Dunkin’, or what’s available at the airport.

“I went back to the drawing board,” Will said. “It will be a communal space for those looking to enjoy a good cup of coffee, maybe have a couple snacks, and potentially for those who work from home. It’s a coffee shop, so you can just hang out.”

The custom Colombian coffee blend was created in partnership with Somerville-based Broadsheet Roasters. There will also be bites on the menu like arepas, rice bowls, and other snacks that were always on the table while he was growing up.

If you’re wondering what Will’s go-to coffee order is, we asked. When he isn’t drinking an espresso, he will sip on a mocha latte.

While we wait for this Jeffries Point coffee shop to open later this summer, a GoFundMe has been set up for continued support. Keep an eye out for bags of the special roast and for pop-up events this summer.

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