3 civic updates from the City of Boston

It’s been a busy week in Boston Oct. 23-Oct. 26 — here’s a quick breakdown on three updates from city officials.

Exterior of City Hall Plaza in Boston

Catch up on three recent updates from city officials.

Between a city council meeting and multiple announcements, it’s been a busy final week of October for city officials. Let’s catch up on a few happenings from this week.

Mass and Cass update
Yesterday, Mayor Wu provided an update to ensure the safety and health of those in the area of Melnea Cass Boulevard and Massachusetts Avenue. Beginning this week, the Inspectional Services Department will notify individuals in the area that tents, tarps, and other temporary structures are prohibited as of Wednesday, Nov. 1. The team will then respond to meet individual needs and host case management conversations to provide transportation, storage, or resources as needed.

Faneuil Hall update
The Boston City Council passed a resolution asking the city to rename Faneuil Hall. The councilors also agreed that city officials should turn to the appropriate agencies to get the community involved in the process. Curious about who that would be? The Public Facilities Commission, which is appointed by the mayor, would be involved in the process to rename city-owned buildings.

Secure Boston App
October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month. The city’s Department of Innovation and Technology released a new app to celebrate: the Secure Boston App. Secure Boston is designed to safeguard users from digital threats without compromising their privacy. The app alerts users in real time about potential security risks, ensuring that they can browse, work, and connect while staying informed about potentially hazardous situations. The app also guards against scams, phishing attacks, and password breaches.