Artificial Intelligence trends for 2024

There is a lot of buzz about AI these days — here are a few updates about how our community is working to develop the future of AI.

A display with a yellow robot dog spot

See the Boston Dynamics display at the Museum of Science.

Photo by BOStoday team

It’s official: much like 2023, one of the top trending topics of 2024 is AI.

Following generative AI software releases from local companies like HubSpot Inc. and Pegasystems Inc, our community is looking to the future for this technology. Here’s a few examples of how local teams are shaping the future of AI.

Teams from Northeastern University and Denmark have created an experimental AI system that can be used to predict the patterns of a person’s life. Read: This new AI program called “Life2vec” can predict how long you will live. A peer-reviewed paper published in the journal Nature Computational Science examined the program, which can assess a person’s personality traits, life patterns, and predict their estimated lifespan.

Boston Dynamics received $400 million from a South Korean conglomerate for the new Boston Dynamics AI Institute. The local robotics company aims to create a global hub for innovation with machines (think: the popular robot dog) and AI software. The new technology developed at the institute will support Hyundai’s efforts towards developing self-driving cars.

Bonus: Last year, we asked an artificial intelligence generator a few things about our city and it quickly answered things all about Boston.