Making Boston’s streets safer

The City of Boston announced a new “Safety Surge” initiative to curb traffic-related issues and improve Boston’s streets for pedestrians, bikers, and drivers.

Road in Boston with cars parked along vibrant green trees

Street updates will include more “No Turn on Red” signs in busy pedestrian areas.

Photo by @tuannnn_

To ensure that Boston’s streets are safe for everyone who shares the road, the City of Boston has introduced a new program called Safety Surge. These street upgrades will focus on three key areas for improvement.

🛣️ Speed humps

City officials plan to build 10 new speed hump zones each year —check if your street is eligible to get one. Of the ~800 miles of streets in Boston, 394 miles could be eligible for this program.

🛣️ Redesigned intersections

Expect 25-30 revamped intersections each year, designed using street safety tools for better sightlines, slower speeds, and clearer crossings. Curious how the intersections will be chosen? The city will prioritize areas based on factors like neighborhood demographics + proximity to community spaces.

🛣️ New traffic signal guidelines

Make way for pedestrians. People will have more time to cross the street in the updated guidelines, which will be implemented for at least 50 intersections per year.