Cast your vote about the future of the Green Line

The MBTA is seeking rider input about the design of new Green Line trains.

A Green Line train on outdoor tracks in front of multiple buildings

The new “Type 10" cars will replace Green Line trolleys that are 30+ years old.

Photo by @kareemxt

Bostonians with strong opinions about the subway, rejoice. The MBTA is seeking input regarding the design of the new Green Line trains. The organization has shared an online survey, encouraging the public to vote on the design of the forthcoming “Type 10" cars.

Through Monday, Oct. 9, Bostonians can vote for one of three exterior paint schemes, which use various amounts of white, grey, and green to distinguish the cars. Featuring wider doors and a larger capacity, more than 100 “Type 10" models were approved last September to replace trolleys that are 30+ years old. The switch will cost $811 million.

The survey arrives amid a tumultuous time for the Green Line, as the Union Square branch is shuttered as it undergoes repairs. Additionally, portions of the Medford Branch have temporarily slowed to ~three mph.

Check out the three design options before casting your vote. Our take: No. 3 looks pretty dashing.