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Explore two of Boston’s most revolutionary sites

During Revolutionary Spaces’ walking tours, discover the people, places, and moments that sparked a revolution and built a nation.

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Revolutionary Spaces is a nonprofit organization that stewards the Old State House and Old South Meeting House.

Photos provided by Revolutionary Spaces

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Boston is chock-full of history, with stories dating back to the American Revolution and Declaration of Independence.

Whether you’re a local history lover or visiting for the weekend, Revolutionary Spaces invites you to explore two of Beantown’s most iconic landmarks — the Old State House and Old South Meeting House.

Take a walk through time

Imagine standing inside the oldest surviving public building in Boston. Well, you can during Revolutionary Spaces’ new “Slavery and Resistance in Colonial Massachusetts” walking tour.

Built in 1713, the Old State House was the heart of the royal government in the Massachusetts Bay Colony and the site of the Boston Massacre.

Fast forward to 1729, and you’re at what was once the largest building in colonial Boston: the Old South Meeting House.

Here’s the scoop — this historic spot was where some of the most heated mass meetings took place, sparking the Boston Tea Party and the American Revolution.

How you can experience this

Today, these historic sites stand among downtown’s modern skyscrapers within walking distance of each other. Each landmark offers:

Bonus: One joint admission ticket grants you access to both sites and all of their tours, including the “Slavery and Resistance in Colonial Massachusetts” tour highlighting how enslaved people fought for their freedom in colonial Massachusetts.

Things to know if you go

  • Experience: Visit the Old State House and Old South Meeting House + enjoy a complimentary guided tour
  • Price: $15 general admission
  • Website: Revolutionary Spaces
  • Address: 310 Washington St., Boston, MA
  • Hours: Both sites are open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Social: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube