BPDA to play ball with Fenway Corners development

This new development will bring eight new buildings to the historic Fenway neighborhood.

A rendering of the future grand staircase in the Fenway Corners development.

The Fenway Corners development will create new public spaces like this future grand staircase.

Rendering provided by WS Development

The BPDA said the new Fenway Corners development is a homerun. Not really, but the planning agency did give the approval for the $1.6 billion development that will dramatically change the area surrounding “America’s Most Beloved Ballpark.”

The Fenway Corners project by WS Development is expected to add new housing, retail, office space, daycare, and improve connectivity with new sidewalks, bike lanes + access to the Lansdowne Station. Plus, the 3.7-acre area will be transformed to incorporate new public spaces along Brookline Avenue, Lansdowne Street, Jersey Street, and Van Ness Street.

Here’s a quick by the numbers breakdown:

  • 400,000 sqft
  • Eight mixed-use buildings, each subject to BPDA approval and community feedback
  • 266 residential units, 53 income-restricted units
  • 40+ new retail shops
  • ~4,000 permanent jobs
  • $1 million investment for public art installations