Gillette unveils plans for South Boston campus

After 100+ years of manufacturing blades in South Boston, the company has shared its intentions for its 31-acre campus along Fort Point Channel.


Fun fact: Disposable razors were patented in 1904.

Photo by @t4pe

Shortly after announcing plans to glide out of South Boston, Gillette has shared its intentions for the 31-acre manufacturing campus along Fort Point Channel.

The Procter & Gamble-owned business says that a mix of housing, open space, and commercial properties is in store for the parcel. A communications executive from the company stated that Gillette’s current desire is to oversee and help organize the transition, instead of immediately selling the land and handing the reins to a developer. A detailed letter of intent for the BPDA may arrive as soon as next month.

Despite Gillette’s 119-year history in the Boston neighborhood, the company announced in October that its manufacturing team will be moving to Andover, ~25 miles north of the city. Much like many other iconic Boston signs from businesses past, the decades-old “World Shaving Headquarters” may remain in Boston after the major move.