Inclusive signage coming soon to Cambridge

The city will add over 70 new signs featuring the Native Massachusett language in the spring in East Cambridge.

A foggy day driving over the bridge to Cambridge.

There will be 70+ new signs added to East Cambridge in 2024.

Photo by @artofobs

Cambridge will spend $180,000 to create more inclusive signage and historical markers throughout the city.

In 2021, the city’s participatory budget included the African American & Indigenous Peoples Historical Reckoning Project, which features multiple phases. The first phase will add 70+ new street signs with translations into the native Massachusett language.

The new signs are planned for First through Eighth Streets in East Cambridge. These signs are expected to cost ~$20,000 and will be installed in the spring.

The next phase includes plans to expand the existing African American Heritage Trail and adding commemorative makers for Native American sites throughout Cambridge.

If you want to learn more about native languages, check out the resources offered by the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribal Language Department.