🚲 It’s just like riding a bike

The City of Boston wants to make sure all of Bostons’ kids have the opportunity to learn to ride a bike safely by third grade.

Black bike standing under green canopy.

You don’t need to own a bike to participate.

Photo via @ghostbikestand

This new educational program will put the pedal to the metal. The City of Boston is offering free bike instruction at 15 locations across the city for up to 300 residents ages four to 13.

Mayor Wu, Boston Parks and Recreation, Boston Centers for Youth & Families, and the Office of Early Childhood have teamed up to make investments in child bikes and instruction through the Connect, Learn, Explore: Boston’s Commitment to Youth initiative. The program is solidifying Boston as the best city to raise a family + ensuring children learn how to ride a bike and swim safely.

Riding a bike does more than provide a basic method of travel, it also helps get kids get outside and it’s fun. The goal is to increase access to bike education programs, so kids in the city will learn to ride a bike by third grade.

Safety is a priority, so it’s wheely exciting that Boston Children’s Hospital and Project KidSafe have committed to provide helmets for all the riders who are participating.

Bonus: Check out this list of additional sites offering bike instruction.

Register now for the pilot summer bike riding program for kids at White Stadium, East Boston Stadium, and Hunt Almont Park.