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Mayor Wu announces Un-monument Program

Artists can apply to create temporary monuments within Boston.

The Boston skyline with an orange sky.

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Photo by @juanfayora

Boston’s monuments may be well known to the residents of our city, yet if you are a local artist or art lover eager to add your own voice, here’s your chance.

Mayor Wu and the Mayor’s Office of Arts and Culture announced Un-monument | Re-monument | De-monument: Transforming Boston, a new two-year initiative funded by a $3 million grant, which will feature temporary art installations and community programming “to help residents reflect on and engage with monuments in Boston and the narratives they create.”

Residents can get involved through three separate opportunities.

  • Local artists can submit proposals to create interim artistic structures alongside commissions from community collaborators.
  • Artists can apply for the Augmented Reality Workshop, which will help them to acquire technical skills in AR to aid in the creation and renewal of new or previously existing work.
  • Those who want to be involved behind-the-scenes can apply to be on the Advisory Team. Members can “help offer thought leadership, feedback, connections, and recommendations for the duration of the initiative.”

Learn more about Un-monument, plus the application criteria and deadlines for each position.