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Simmons University plots new construction this winter

The Fenway-based school for women aims to complete a new residential building and life center by late 2026.

A rendering of the forthcoming Living and Learning Center, which stands above students walking and biking down the street

A rendering of the Living and Learning Center imagines Simmons University’s new footprint.

Starting this winter, Simmons University will be reshaping its campus. The Fenway-based school for women will soon move forward with constructing a new 1,100-student residential building called the Living and Learning Center, which will allow Simmons to lease its current living quarters off Brookline Avenue. The project will cost $311 million.

Simmons will begin construction on the new 16-story tower this winter, although the school predicts it won’t be completed until late 2026. Students can expect a new campus resource area, fitness center, and 500-seat dining space, as well as a shorter trek between classes, dorms, and other school activities, due to the tower’s more central and convenient location on campus.

Simmons has agreed to lease the former residential space to Swedish company Skanska, which aims to use its newly-acquired 1.7 million sqft for life science, housing, retail, office, and community spaces.