White Stadium renovations affect Boston high school teams

By 2026, local high school football teams will need to a new field for home games and practices.

A green football field, adjacent to a large set of bleachers painted white

White Stadium was built in the late 1940s and originally named the George R. White Memorial Stadium.

Photo by Mike Mejia

White Stadium may have been originally constructed for the use of Boston Public Schools, but high school football teams will soon need a new place to pass the pigskin.

After a series of renovations, the Franklin Park stadium will be home to Boston’s forthcoming pro women’s soccer team. When the refurbished venue begins anew in 2026, football games and practices will be prohibited during women’s professional soccer season, which roughly spans March to November. The rule is in place to protect the field’s natural grass.

The timing overlaps with high school football season — meaning local high school teams must relocate for all activities. End-of-season games will likely not be affected by the rule, as they are typically much later in the year.

Other high school teams, however, will reap the benefits of the renewed stadium, such as soccer players and track + field competitors.