A collaborative Boston Spotify playlist

Add some tunes to our locally themed playlist. 🎵

Shot of the Boston Harbor Hotel and buildings around the harbor

Help us make our go-to playlist even better.

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As the home of countless concert venues + famous bands like Dropkick Murphys, it’s safe to say that Boston has a pretty rockin’ music scene. We decided to turn the volume up and make a collaborative playlist for locals, by locals.

In this playlist, you will be able to add your own go-to tracks. We’ve added a few of our favorite Boston-themed tunes to help you get started:

🎵 “M.T.A” by The Kingston Trio — Listen to the musical tale of a man named Charlie trapped on our city’s subway system (called the Metropolitan Transit Authority when the song dropped in 1949).

🎵 “Dirty Water” by The Standells | The 1965 single paid homage to the infamously polluted Charles River. By the way, that dirty water is much cleaner now.

🎵 “Boston” by Augustana | This one’s for anyone who came to our city for a fresh start.

🎵 “Roadrunner” by The Modern Lovers | This love song to Massachusetts mentions Stop ‘n’ Shop and Route 128 + inspired the name of Brighton’s concert venue.

🎵 “Rock & Roll Band” by Boston | We’re big fans of this hit from “just another band out of Boston.”

Shout out to our readers for providing some amazing song recommendations, including:

  • “Massachusetts” by the BeeGees — Brendan S.
  • “Boston” by Kenny Chesney — Holly H.
  • “The Wellerman” by Nathan Evans — Jan M.

Plus, we couldn’t resist adding some of the low-hanging fruit. We’re looking at you, “Shipping Up to Boston” and “Sweet Caroline.”

Now it’s your turn. Create a free Spotify account (if you haven’t already), open the collaborative playlist, add the playlist to your library, and add songs that make you think of Boston.

Don’t have Spotify? Feel free to send us your recommendations + we’ll add them for you.

Note: Some of the tracks on the playlist may include explicit language.

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