See the winner of our 2023 Picture of the Year contest

Find out which stunning snap was the favorite among BOStoday readers.

Three Photo Of The Year Contest Finalists.

Three finalist photos (Left: Old North Church, Center: Harbor in Hibernation, Right: Fall Stroll on Comm Ave Mall)

Photos by Jumaane Photography, Mark Olsen, and Jason G.

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The votes are in for the BOStoday 2023 Picture of the Year contest, and we couldn’t picture a better turnout. Over 1,800 of you selected your favorite snap from the competition this month, and let’s just say the victorious photo certainly reflects Boston’s taste.

Check out the finalists below, including the winner that you, our readers, voted for.

A reflection of golden hour and buildings on a glass Back-Bay building.

Winner: Reflections

Photo by Meredith K.

Winner: “Reflections” by Meredith K.

We initially described this as a “visual reminder to stop, reflect on your surroundings, and seek new perspectives” — and apparently BOStoday readers agreed. With ~1,200 votes, this photo enamored well over half of all participants in the final round.


Strolling down Comm Ave Mall.

Photo by Jason G

Finalist: “Comm Avenue Mall” by Jason G.

When the leaves turn, you could paint the Commonwealth Avenue mall with a gold and amber paintbrush. Despite reports saying the fall foliage wouldn’t be as colorful last year, this photo challenges that claim.


Spring in the Public Garden.

Photo by Amy R.

Finalist: “Spring in the Public Garden” by Amy R.

There is nothing as quintessential for springtime in Boston as the Public Garden bursting with colorful tulip blooms. How many days until winter is over? We’re asking for a friend.


Old North Church.

Photo by Jumaane Photography

Finalist: “Old North Church” by Jumaane Photography

This photo perfectly juxtaposes our city’s rich history with gleaming modern skyscrapers. The snap captures the intricate architecture, as well as details in the cloudy sky in the glass reflection.


Harbor in Hibernation.

Photo by Mark Olsen

Finalist: “Harbor in Hibernation” by Mark Olsen

This shot of a seabird flying over the harbor + eerie sea smoke evokes a spooky feeling and an appreciation for the mysterious beauty of these waters.

Inside a MBTA Red Line station with columns of white and red tiles.

Red Line

Photo by Vinodhan R.

Finalist: “Red Line” by Vinodhan R.

Yes — there have been plenty of public transit woes recently, but this photo of a Red Line station shows the beauty in the ordinary and the symmetry of everyday life in Boston.

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