“Cheers” to the Boston pub that inspired the TV show

Take a seat where everybody knows your name on Saturday, May 20 — the 30th anniversary of the TV show’s finale airing.

Three tables inside Cheers under the Cheers sign.

Take a seat at the iconic Beacon Hill pub.

Photo by BOStoday

Making your way in the world today takes everything you’ve got, are we right? This Saturday, May 20, will mark 30 years since the last episode of the TV show “Cheers” aired. The sitcom about a local bar where everybody knows your name ran a total of 275 episodes. Here are a few fast facts about the Beacon Hill bar that inspired it all.

The real-life Cheers location was established in 1969 and was formerly known as the Bull & Finch Pub.

Former Cheers bartender Eddie Doyle co-founded the Cheers for Children charity and the block where Cheers is located is named Eddie Doyle Square.

The show filmed on location in Boston twice. The final shot in the series finale, which aired May 20, 1993, depicts many members of the cast celebrating at the Beacon Street bar.

“Cheers” fans can play trivia on the bar’s website and visit at 84 Beacon St.

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