Customize a pair of Converse with BOStoday

Level up your everyday Chucks with customization, decoration, and personalization at the Seaport pop-up.

Three photos of the Converse pop-up at the Seaport and the sneakers the City Editors made.

Peep Vicki’s black velvet laces on her pink sneaks on the left and Jess’s Swan Boat patch on her custom High Tops the right.

Photos by BOStoday team

Searching for the perfect gift for sneakerheads? Good news — the Boston-based brand Converse has set up a shop at the Seaport where you can design custom sneakers in ~2 hours.

Here’s what you can expect.

  • Head to the Seaport Common and visit the Converse pop-up at the Current.
  • Pick your favorite sneaker design and color (read: every style of All-Stars, from High Tops to Low Tops and everything in between).
  • Browse the custom patches to add flair to your sneakers. There are cute everyday choices like smiley faces and stars; local options like a Boston skyline and the Swan Boat patch; and variations of the signature Converse logo.
  • Swap out the laces for other colors and materials like velvet, or keep the traditional white ones.

Bonus: Visit on select Saturdays for custom chain stitching on your kicks. Need inspo? City Editor Jess added “617" to her shoes and City Editor Vicki added “No Sleep” to hers.

Shop this pop-up through the end of December.

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