Five facts about Sam Adams

Test your local knowledge on this Founding Father and celebrate his birthday, Sept. 27.

The Samuel Adams statue in downtown Boston.

Samuel Adams was born in Boston on Sept. 27, 1722.

Photo by BOStoday team

Today is the birthday of the “Father of the American Revolution,” aka Samuel Adams. Test your knowledge about the revolutionist with our quiz to see how well you know this local legend.

No. 1: Sam Adams grew up at his family’s house on Purchase Street, which faced the Boston Harbor. He attended Boston Latin School and went on to graduate from this Ivy League school in 1740.
Answer: Harvard College

No. 2: This Founding Father had a few famous relatives, including this second cousin who also served as the President of the US.
Answer: John Adams

No 3: Sam Adams inherited a brewery from his father, who was a deacon of a Congregational church, a businessman, and a politician. Unfortunately, this venture didn’t pan out for the revolutionist. Today, the iconic brand Samuel Adams Brewery is operated by this beverage company, which also makes Truly and Twisted Tea.
Answer: Boston Beer Company

No 4: Adams served as a tax collector for a period of time, however he was one of the first to renounce the act once the British started taxing sugar and molasses. This lead to the planning of the Boston Tea Party, and while he didn’t participate, he helped plan the protest. What famous quote was he credited with on the subject?
Answer: “No taxation without representation.”

No. 5: Sam Adams was one of 56 signers of this historical document declaring our separation from the British monarchy.
Answer: The Declaration of Independence

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