Haunted attractions around Boston

Find your new favorite fright at these seasonal haunted houses, hayrides, and fields.

A hearse parked in front of a haunted house that says "Barrett’s Haunted Mansion"

Barrett’s Haunted Mansion in Abington has been serving up screams for 32 years.

Sometimes watching a horror movie from the comfort of your sofa just won’t do. For those Halloween-heads seeking some in-your-face frights, we’ve compiled a shortlist of haunted houses + attractions around Boston that will rattle your bones — and your mind.

👻 Barrett’s Haunted Mansion, 1235 Bedford St., Abington
~20 miles from Boston
What’s more terrifying? A dilapidated + cursed mansion or a condemned chemical lab crawling with disfigured employees? In Abington, brave souls don’t have to choose. Squeeze two different frights into one night at this well-established attraction, now celebrating its 32nd year. Particularly bold guests can stop by on Monday, Oct. 30 — aka Devil’s Night — for a hands-on haunt that elevates the experience with physical contact and up-close interactions from actors.

🌽 Hysteria at Connors Farm, 30 Valley Rd., Danvers
~23 miles from Boston
Dare to wander through the farm’s 45-minute walking trail, which just so happens to pass through a real 17th century burial ground — that’s crawling with creeps and gruesome creatures. Feeling a little frightened? Head to the corn maze for an actor-free (but equally unnerving) attraction that winds guests through a seven-acre maze with nothing but the flicker of their flashlight. Let’s hope your batteries don’t die.

🦇 Witch’s Woods, 79 Powers Rd., Westford
~35 miles from Boston
This is an everything-but-the-Blair-Witch attraction. Head North to find castles and 3-D crypts teeming with vampires, clowns, and spirits eager to snatch your soul. If your knees get weak, Witch’s Woods offers a haunted hayride that gives a new meaning to “hell on wheels.” Wary travelers are welcome to walk through the family-friendly “Jack-o-Lantern Jamboree” without a ticket.

Pro tip: Upgrade to a VIP pass to skip any scary-long lines at Barrett’s Haunted Mansion + Hysteria at Connors Farm.

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