Meet local pilates guru Jill Rothenberg

Get to know the local instructor behind Movement with Jill.


Learn how she got started with pilates in Boston.

Photo provided by Jill R.

In recent years one the of the top trending Google searches in Boston has been pilates. We chatted with a local expert on the subject — Jill Rothenberg, who you might know from her fitness classes Movement with Jill.

After a tough season in her life, her mom invited her to go to a fitness class — that was how she discovered pilates.

“I was reminded that endorphins make you happy,” Jill said. “At first I was very hesitant, but once I did I was hooked.”

She was taking classes frequently at and signed up for a course to learn more about it.

Jill had been teaching at multiple studios when COVID struck and switched to a virtual format. She noticed a change behind the scenes.

“Wellness should be something approachable and something that feels welcoming,” Jill said. “When you leave after your session you should feel better, whether it’s clear-headed or stronger — the goal is that you leave feeling better.”

Jill says the hardest part of any workout is just showing up — if you make it to class, that deserves celebration too.

“My first outdoor class event was with Girlfriends Boston,” she said. “I remember teaching and having someone come up to me after saying wow, this was a really warm environment where I felt really comfortable and you came over and gave me attention.”

If you’re feeling nervous about trying a new class, Jill wants you to know that other people are just as nervous and scared — sometimes the instructors are nervous too. Her goal to make everyone in the crowd feel seen, for every class even if it’s at Big Night Live with over 100 people.

“I mention to my clients if all you did was show up for one class today that you did something for yourself when you made time for you — mission accomplished.”

The easiest way to get involved is to get on her mailing list or to follow her on Instagram. Bonus: If you want to host a group or plan a private studio session, she’s always open to suggestions.

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