Dorchester’s new community center

Coming soon to Grove Hall.

The sunsetting on the Dorchester neighborhood.

This won’t be the last new community center for Dorchester.

Photo by @skibbleyd83

A new Boston Centers for Youth & Families community center is coming soon to Dorchester. This first-of-its-kind full service center for the Grove Hill neighborhood will be built from the ground up in a vacant city lot.

Currently, Dorchester’s community centers are located in school buildings, which limits access during school hours + affects programming hours.

The new location was selected after many conversations and an extensive feedback process. The residents noted the need for flexible spaces to be used by all ages at various times + wanted a variety of programming and educational offerings, including farmers markets.

Construction will begin after another round of community engagement to gather input on the design. Officials are predicting about three years until completion and a total cost of $50-60 million.