Seven facts about Paul Revere

Test your knowledge on the local legend.

The Paul Revere statue in front of the Old North Church.

The Paul Revere statue is located in front of the Old North Church.

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Today is National Trivia Day, so we thought we would test your knowledge of the one and only Paul Revere and wish him a happy belated birthday. Read on to take our trivia quiz and see how well you know this local legend.

No. 1: Paul Revere’s house is the only home featured on the Freedom Trailwhich neighborhood can Bostonians visit to see the gray building dating back to 1680?
Answer: North End

No. 2: This colonialist was a hardworking man, getting his hands dirty specializing in which type of trade? Hint: He apprenticed and learned his skills from his father, who was also an artisan of this trade.
Answer: Silversmith

No. 3: In addition to making practical items like surgical instruments, spectacles, and buckles, Revere is also known for engraving copper plates. One of the most famous plates depicts this famous confrontation in 1770 that took place at the corner of State and Congress streets.
Answer: Boston Massacre

No. 4: His role of a “Messenger of the American Revolution” began on Dec. 17, 1773, when he delivered news of the Boston Tea Party to New York. After that, he signaled that the British were coming by placing two lanterns in the steeple of this iconic location.
Answer: Old North Church

No. 5: Revere opened the first of its kind mill in the US in 1801 that would later provide supplies for the hull of USS Constitution + the dome of the Massachusetts State House. You might be familiar with the special pots and pans that were also made with this material.
Answer: Copper

No. 6: The news and importance of the “Midnight Ride” was not widely know until this poet wrote the poem titledPaul Revere’s Ride.”
Answer: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

No. 7: Revere died at the age of 83 and was buried in this historic burying ground.
Answer: Granary Burying Ground

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