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Guinness World Records set in Massachusetts

Here are just some of the record holders from the Boston area. 🏆

Aerial view of Boston

Who’s going to attempt to break a record next, Boston?

Photo by @oschapov

Did you know that today is Guinness World Records Day? We thought we’d celebrate with some record-breaking moments in local history.

  • Drew Abrutyn + Tyler Chaco hold the record for the fastest time to travel to all MBTA stations as of July 2021. It took 6 hours, 57 minutes, and 22 seconds.
  • The largest chicken nugget (46.3 lbs) was created in Cambridge this year, thanks to local food influencers Lynn Davis and Nick DiGiovanni.
  • The Boston University Global China Connection broke the world record for the Largest LEGO Brick Word this past March, using 44,029 total LEGO pieces to spell out “Terriers.”
  • John Kelly earned the title of fastest marathon runner dressed as a videogame character after the 2016 Boston Marathon for his 2 hour and 57 minute race time. For those who are curious, he ran dressed as Link.
  • Students at UMass Amherst cooked up the largest stir-fry (weighing 4,010 lbs) in 2011.
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