Massachusetts’ solar energy potential

The State Department of Energy and Environmental Affairs released a report on how solar energy could be harnessed across the Bay State.

Screenshot of map showing Boston area and suitability for solar energy

Check out this map to discover the suitability for solar energy around the state.

This news will have you feeling energized. A recent analysis from the State Department of Energy and Environmental Affairs showed that Massachusetts has plenty of room to introduce solar energy.

Currently, there are three gigawatts of solar operating in our state, mainly comprised of rooftop panels installed by businesses + local homeowners.

According to the report, the Bay State can support ~52 gigawatts of solar electricity. That’s roughly double the amount that the state’s Climate Action Plan set out to achieve by 2050.

The study also includes interactive maps to help developers and planners view individual parcels of land + determine how fit they are for various types of solar development.

If you’re curious, type in your address on the main map to learn how suitable your home is for solar. Then, read up on Massachusetts’ incentive programs and resources for installing solar energy.

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