Mecha Noodle Bar now open in Brookline

The restaurant doesn't take reservations, and dining is first-come, first-served. | Photo by @jmei_eats

The restaurant doesn’t take reservations, and dining is first-come, first-served. | Photo by @jmei_eats

If you’ve ever dreamed of sipping boozy bubble tea with your bowl of ramen or pho, we have some sweet news. Mecha Noodle Bar just opened a Brookline location at 285 Harvard St. (open daily from 11:30 a.m.-10 p.m.) right by the Trader Joe’s + Brookline Booksmith in Coolidge Corner.

The Connecticut-based chain also plans to add a Fort Point location in the fall. Curious about the name? It means “mom and pop” in Vietnamese.

What’s on the menu?

Menu items will vary a bit depending on the location and season — here are some of the Asian dishes and drinks we can expect:

  • Steamed bao buns (think: pork belly, shiitake, and Korean fried chicken fillings)
  • Snacks like Saigon egg rolls + red oil dumplings
  • Classic ramen like spicy miso and a vegetarian option, plus add-ons like charred corn
  • An extensive drink menu with cocktails, sake, beer, wine + alcoholic bubble tea

Plus, the eatery’s “kae-dama” system lets you get an extra serving of fresh noodles to really curb your cravings. Pro tip: once you finish your first serving, say “kae-dama please” and they will send noods right to your table (just make sure you have enough broth left).

What are the boozy boba options?

We’re glad you asked. There are four alcoholic bubble tea beverages to try, including:

  • Thai Iced Tea — traditional thai blend, local cream, and whiskey
  • Temple of the Sun — African nectar tea, pineapple, passion fruit + a tequila and mezcal blend
  • Yuzu-Matcha Fruit Tea — yuzu, lemonade, matcha tea, and Roku Japanese gin
  • Strawberry-Sakura Fruit Tea — strawberry, cherry, green tea, and Cachaça

What else should I know?

You’ll be sipping and dining for a cause at Mecha Noodle Bar. Each month, the restaurant donates $0.50 from every bowl of ramen to a community cause. Pro tip: peek at the newsletter on your table to read more about where your contributions are going that month.

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