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Details on the MTBA’s new dashboard

Stay up to speed on the T’s slow zones.

A Green Line train approaching Coolidge Corner.

The dashboard will be updated daily.

The MBTA has launched a new tool to help riders stay up to speed on the ongoing T speed restrictions.

Riders can view updated data on the “Speed Restriction Dashboard” for information on restrictions that are in place from the previous day’s reports.

There’s a map that breaks down how T officials measure the speed restrictions, so commuters can see full-service areas versus restricted tracks.

The dashboard shows there are ~220 slow spots across the system, which is ~27% of the tracks. The Red Line is the slowest of the pack, with the 107 restrictions and a total of 12.2 miles of slow zones.

Red Line riders can also expect a few April service changes, which should help improve the amount of slow zones. Take a look at next month’s service changes.

Happy commuting.