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13 murals around Boston 🎨

Take an artsy adventure around the city to locate these murals.

Colorful murals at highway underpass

Visit this underpass on Traveler Street to see splashes of color.

We all know that Boston has a vibrant art scene — and we’re not just talking about the Museum of Fine Arts or the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. One of our all-time favorite galleries? Boston itself.

Our city is home to a number of meaningful murals and street art pieces. Today, we’re sharing where to find 13 works of art that really paint a picture of our city.


Mural of noodles and bowls

Find this piece at the former Ho Toy Noodle Company.

Photo by BOStoday team

“Where We Belong,” 79 Essex St. | By Ponnapa Prakkamakul

This Chinatown art piece starts as a bowl of noodles on Essex Street, then transforms into a dragon when viewed on Oxford Street. The mural also features short stories about eating noodles written in both English and Chinese.

Mural of an ancient vase in Boston's Chinatown

Head around the corner from the Chinatown Gate to see this vase.

Photo by BOStoday team

“Tale of an Ancient Vase,” 25 Tyler St. | By Bryan Beyung

This depiction of a white and blue vase honors Emperor Shun, a legendary figure of ancient China. It was created as part of an Office of Arts and Culture initiative to display the heritage of Boston’s diverse communities.

Red heart with "BOS" in white letters and angel wings

We’ve got all the heart eyes for this mural.

Photo by @rockyinstyle

Downtown and Back Bay

“Heart and Wings Mural,” 65 Causeway St. | By Joan Aylward

This highly Instagrammable piece was made by the same artistic force behind other notable artworks at local bars. Think: The Point, Lucky’s, and Daisy Buchanan’s.

Large-scale mural of a kid in front of a radio

Rob Gibbs’ mural is the showstopper of the Greenway.

“Breathe Life Together,” 251 Congress St. | By Rob “ProBlak” Gibbs

If you didn’t get to witness this Dewey Square mural coming to life last year, stop by the Rose Kennedy Greenway to see part of Rob Gibbs’ series that highlights joyful Black children.

Blue "Protect the Blue Planet" mural

We’re seeing blue.

“Protect the Blue Planet,” 1 Central Wharf | By Shepard Fairey

Created for the Sea Walls: Artists for Oceans public art program, this bright blue mural shows a North Atlantic right whale below a globe. The artist Shepard Fairey also designed the “HOPE” poster for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign.


Mural of Rita Hester in Allston

Learn more about Rita’s legacy.

Photo by @rixyfz

“Rita’s Spotlight,” 506 Cambridge St. | By Rixy

A relative newcomer to the Allston neighborhood, this mural was installed in July 2022 as part of the city’s Transformative Art Program. It depicts Rita Hester, a Black transgender woman whose murder sparked the Transgender Day of Remembrance.

Mural depicting Steven Tyler in Allston

This Allston mural rocks.

Photo by @crocpaints

“Rock City,” 1249 Commonwealth Ave. | By Dave Croc

Snap a picture with the rock and roll legend from Aerosmith just one block away from where the band used to live in Allston. The Steven Tyler piece is the first public mural by this local artist.

South End

Woman and child with colorful flowers on a mural

The budget for this artwork? $87,500.

Photo by @marka27

“Souledad,” 1701 Washington St. | By Victor “Marka27" Quinonez

Located on the exterior of Washington Manor, this larger than life mural was inspired by the history of cultural gatherings at Villa Victoria. The symbolic images include an authentic Chinese dragon and an African textile wrap with the Puerto Rican flag.

Mural on side of highway

Stop by Underground at Ink Block next time you’re in the South End.

“Cranes in the Sky,” 90 Traveler St. | By Victor “Marka27" Quinonez

The outdoor street art gallery “Underground at Ink Block” is home to tons of murals — including this piece you might have seen while driving along I-93. The mural showcases “an Afro-futuristic woman’s face and cranes flying overhead.”


Mural of birds, cars, and a train on side of a Cambridge building

This is a love letter to the Charles River area.

“Charles Gate,” 139 Main St., Cambridge | By Percy Fortini-Wright

Head to Kendall Square to see fish, birds, water, and even the MBTA along Main Street. The artist drew inspiration from the diversity of the Charles River area in hopes of connecting Greater Boston to the watershed.

Bonus: Plan a visit to Cambridge’s “Graffiti Alley,” an 80-ft walkway on Massachusetts Avenue with abundant street art.


Mural with "175" letters on side of building

HP Hood was founded in 1846 in Charlestown.

Photo by Dominic Chavez.

“Connected Through Time,” 500 Rutherford Ave. | By Silvia Lopez Chavez

The local dairy company HP Hood commissioned this Charlestown mural to celebrate the company’s 175th anniversary. The focal point is two women embracing and welcoming viewers to the neighborhood.


Green letters spelling "love" on multi-colored mural

The message is simple: love.

Photo by Alex Cook

“The Beloved Community,” Magnolia Street and Lebanon Street | By Alex Cook

A collaboration with Boston Student Advisory Council, this mural features a community surrounding the word “love.” The aim is to bring awareness to the issue of gun violence across the city.

East Boston

Purple background of mural depicting a woman in a glass

Pandora is seen trapped in a bottle.

Photo by @mienlaza

“Plastic Pandora,” 44 Gove St. | By Lauren YS

Presented by HarborArts, this piece references the Greek myth of Pandora’s box. The mural evokes a call to action about reducing plastic waste.

Want to make a day out of finding all the murals our city has to offer? Have a peek at the city’s mural map + share photos of your artsy adventure with us on social media by using #BOStoday.

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