New murals added to Boston in 2021

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One of the new Mayor’s Mural Crew projects “Tout Moun Se Moun/One Love: Mattapan Tap Tap Mural” | Photo via City of Boston

As we really begin to wind down the year, we want to paint this picture of how much we love murals in the city. Here are a few public art programs that added more color to our lives + supported local artists in 2021.

Mayor’s Mural Crew

This program turned 30 this year and added two new murals to the Mattapan neighborhood. The Parks and Recreation program works with 20 local high school students each year to complete these large scale murals.

The first of this year’s additions is titled “Tout Moun Se Moun/One Love: Mattapan Tap Tap Mural,” and the 50 ft. by 18 ft. mural is located at the Chase Bank on Blue Hill Avenue. The second is called “Eat What You Grow Reap What You Sow,” and you can spot the 31 ft. by 14 ft. mural at Topalian Street and Edgewater Drive, along the Neponset River.

Sea Walls
The second year of this Artists for Oceans project brought even more new art to East Boston. The 10-day event resulted in the creation of educational murals that focus on marine environmental issues like plastic pollution and sustainability. Save this map and take a walking tour of all the murals, or explore from your sofa with this virtual tour.

Transformative Public Art Program

This multi-phase program has invested thousands in the public art scene for the city. The Transformative Public Art program is part of the Joy Agenda, and awarded $323,950 in grants to 27 short-term art projects.

The City of Boston has even more new art to look forward to$750,000 has been allocated for seven new murals in the second phase of the Transformative Public Art Program.

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