No parking minimums for developments in Cambridge

Cambridge is the first Massachusetts city to ban minimum parking requirements. πŸš—

A foggy day driving over the bridge to Cambridge.

Cambridge has a number of parking garages available to use.

Photo by @artofobs

You might have to park the car in the Harvard Yard now. This week, the Cambridge City Council voted to eliminate all minimum parking space requirements from the city’s zoning code. This is a first for Massachusetts.

Before the change, zoning regulations stated that new residential developments needed to have one off-street parking space per unit. Now, there will be more flexibility for developers to factor in parking plans that meets the needs of the changing community.

Somerville has also eliminated minimums in select areas + Boston has removed minimum parking requirements for affordable housing projects.

Overall, there has been a reported decrease in car ownership, and Cambridge is working to rethink its relationship with parking. Sorry parking, it’s not us.