Meet die-hard Celtics fan Pete Rogers

🏀 The Massachusetts native has gained a social media following for designing Celtics jerseys with Photoshop.

Pete Rogers in Hawaiian shirt in front of Patriots banner

Here’s hoping the Celtics win the championship (and Pete makes even more jerseys).

Photo provided by Pete Rogers

Think you’re the biggest Celtics fan out there? Pete Rogers might give you a run for your money.

The 31-year-old Minneapolis resident developed a passion for our city’s sports scene while growing up in Lincoln, MA. The stay-at-home dad + sports blogger was writing for SB Nation when the pandemic hit and he found himself with more free time.

He started designing Celtics jerseys on Photoshop after discovering a template online. What started as creating professional sports team uniforms for fun on Instagram became a full-blown social media sensation during the C’s regular season.

“I wanted to do something that was engaging with the team,” Pete said. “We all think it has the potential to be a championship year.”

Drawing inspiration from Rita Oak, the artist who drew quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo each day until he was traded, Pete decided to design a new jersey for each regular-season Celtics win. That wound up being 57 in total, and each creation took ~two or three hours to complete.

You might have seen the Boston Marathon look, the MBTA jersey, or the iconic Rainbow Swash design (one of Pete’s favorites).

Three Photoshop designs of Celtics jerseys

From Make Way for Ducklings to the Boston Globe, Pete’s art leans into the local angle.

Designs by Pete Rogers

For the playoffs, Pete knew he needed another slam dunk idea, so he’s creating jersey designs for each win based on the opposing team’s look. Having trouble picturing that? Check out his recent Hawks-style creation.

If you’re itching to add one of these jerseys to your wardrobe, follow @petemrogers on Twitter and Instagram for limited-edition merchandise drops.

So far, Pete hasn’t heard from the Celtics about his project, but we think it’s only a matter of time.

“The fact that there’s such a following for this, to the point where maybe the Celtics have seen it, is incredible,” Pete said. “It’s wild to have the amount of support that I have garnered from Celtics fans.”

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