Sam Adams Super Bowl Advertisement

There’s a lot to talk about in the 60-second commercial.

A Boston Lager at Sam Adams Boston Taproom.

Sip on a brighter Boston Lager.

Photo by BOStoday team

The big game is coming up on Sunday, Feb. 12, and while we won’t be cheering on the 8-9 Patriots this year, we will be tuning in for the most entertaining part of the program. No, we aren’t talking about the Rihanna halftime show — we mean the commercials.

We got a little sip of this year’s Sam Adams commercial and there is a lot going on, so let’s dive in.

Like many Super Bowl ads, the 60-second video features famous faces, like retired Celtics player Kevin Garnett, comedian Lenny Clarke, and local celebrity “Your Cousin from Boston,Greg Hoyt. The commercial was filmed at seven locations across Boston, including Southie’s Croke Park (aka Whitey’s), Commonwealth Books + Fenway Park.

The main message: to picture a “brighter Boston” ahead of the changes coming soon to the flagship, award-winning Boston Lager beer. Don’t panic Boston, the 40-year-old recipe hasn’t changed. The brewing process has evolved to be more modern by using a traditional German practice, which will result in a brighter, easier-drinking beer.

The commercial took a creative approach to writing a love letter for the city by imagining things that could make Boston more positive, kind of like what we do every day with this newsletter.

Think: giving Yankees fans a warm welcome at Fenway, insisting someone else takes your parking spot, and highlighting the importance of recycling + spreading love instead of talking trash.

Since we are picturing a more positive city, we’re curious. What do you think would make Boston brighter?

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