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A recap on the State of Boston

Mayor Wu has had a very busy first year in office and the city is strong.

Shot of the Boston Harbor Hotel and buildings around the harbor

The state of the city is strong.

Photo by @_shutterart_

Mayor Wu gave the first State of the City address last night after taking office about 14 months ago. She highlighted recent accomplishments and outlined future policies she plans to make a priority in the next year — here’s a quick recap on the plans for the city:

🚋 Reducing all the Commuter Rail fares to $2.40 per trip, and ensuring city representation for one of the seven seats on the MBTA Board of Directors.
Turning up the heat on consumer protection by banning “predatory competitive electric supply companies” with high electric bills.
🍼 Providing childcare vouchers for families that are experiencing homelessness for up to one year.
🏠 Opening the door to rent stabilization with the first rent control proposal in 30 years.
💰 Introducing a 2% tax on real estate transactions that are more than $2 million, which could generate ~$100 million annually to create more affordable housing options, some of which could be built on public land.
📈 Committing to reevaluate the city’s planning process, including a new city department for planning and design.

If you missed the annual update, you can still check out the Mayor’s speech from MGM Music Hall.