“Supercar” trolleys planned for MBTA’s Green Line

The agency expects to roll these out around 2027. 🚊

Rendering of new MBTA Green Line trolley

We’re going to have a sweet new ride in Boston.

Rendering via MBTA

In a few years time, Bostonians will be able to zoom around town on some pretty sleek looking Green Line trains.

These “supercars” are the new Type 10 fleet that the MBTA plans to roll out by 2027. The goal? To make the nation’s busiest light rail safer + more accessible.

Here’s what we know so far:

  • The MBTA signed a roughly $810 million contract with CAF USA Inc. for manufacturing + delivery.
  • Boston can expect 102 supercars in total.
  • These cars are 40 ft longer than current Green Line trolleys.
  • Four pilot vehicles will be delivered by Spring 2026 + two additional cars will go into service each month until 2031.
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