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“This is Boston.” billboard

Have you noticed the unusual billboard in Allston?

The unusual "This Is Boston" billboard in Allston.

The billboard informs residents they are in Boston — nice.

Photo by BOStoday team

Do you know Trevor Rainbolt? The TikTok star, who has over two million followers, has purchased a billboard in Boston with his own money for laughs and to help fellow players of the virtual game GeoGuessr.

Trevor is a self proclaimed professional Google Maps player. He’s gained popularity because he can quickly and correctly identify random locations from across the world using only Google Street View using the game GeoGuessr. The billboard features an image of himself and his signature red smiley face that is also on his TikTok profile — nice.

See the billboard for yourself at the intersection of Brighton Avenue and Linden Street in Allston and play our version of the game.

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