Take a tour of Back Bay’s magnolia trees

Get the most out of spring in Boston with The Garden Club of the Back Bay’s self-guided magnolia tree tour.

A magnolia tree with white blossoms outside a Boston home.

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Photo by BOStoday

Love spotting our city’s blooming magnolia trees? What if we told you there are 14 trees to pay attention to in particular — and that you can spot them all on a walking tour?

The Garden Club of the Back Bay’s 2023 Self-Guided Magnolia Tour will guide you to magnolias in Back Bay with historical significance. Starting from the corner of Arlington Street + Commonwealth Avenue and ending on Clarendon Street, the tour provides context and little-known facts about the trees you’ll see. One example: you’ll stop by the house where poet Robert Lowell once lived and learn about the magnolia outside (that may have even inspired one of his poems).

You’ll also see a breadth of magnolia species, from the Moonglow Magnolia (a tree great at withstanding cold temperatures with lemon-scented blossoms) to the Star Magnolia (a small tree with white, star-shaped blooms).

The tour is free — though donations are encouraged — and available to download through Wednesday, May 3.

Bonus: Check out our map to see exactly where you’ll be walking.