Traditional canoe burning in Charlestown

Learn more about this Indigenous ceremony and see the smoldering canoe — or mishoon — for yourself in the coming days.

Up close look at a traditional Indigenous canoe

This marks our city’s first postcolonial mishoon burning.

Photo provided by Olmsted Now

If you’ve passed by the Little Mystic Boat Slip in Charlestown recently, you may have noticed a burning canoe, or a mishoon.

The smoldering mishoon is part of an Indigenous ceremony that was performed in Boston on Oct. 31 for the first time in centuries.

Andre Strongbearheart Gaines from the Nipmuc Tribe + Thomas Green from the Massachusett Tribe at Ponkapoag led the efforts, and a $20,000 grant from Omsted Now helped make the experience possible.

Curious about the tradition? Check out this interview with the project leaders + visit the boat slip on Terminal Street to speak with tribe members, who will be on site to educate the public.

The canoe will be available for viewing through ~Sunday, Nov. 13.

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