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Two digs with the Archaeology Program in Boston, MA

We are digging up the details on these historical excavations.

The Archaeology Program dig in Roxbury.

A trench at the project in Roxbury.

Photo via @bostonarchaeo

No diggity — did you know that Boston has a City Archaeology Program?

It was founded in 1983 and aims to to protect Boston’s irreplaceable historical resources. Our city has hundreds of known archaeological sites. This month, two ongoing digs are helping us to learn more about our city’s history.

Earlier this month, the team began a project at the William Elliott Woodward Double House, located at 42-44 Shirley St. in Roxbury. Dating back to the 18th century, the building is part of Landmark-designated Shirley-Eustis Place.

The first archaeological dig in the South End neighborhood will begin next week at the headquarters of the League of Women for Community Service located at 558 Massachusetts Ave.

The Landmark-designated townhome was built in 1858 for William and Martha Carnes and their three children. It’s said that the house was a stop on the Underground Railroad.

The Archaeology Program will explore the yard space behind the building. If you are interested in volunteering on a dig, sign up for updates and help unearth some history.