$62 million for Logan Airport

Here’s how the local airport plans to spend the federal funds.

Delta plane landing at Logan Airport

Construction is just taking flight at the local airport.

Photo via @gkwleung.aviate

This week, President Biden landed in Boston and spoke at Logan Airport about the funding that will be coming to the Bay State. The infrastructure bill will provide $9 billion over five years.

The construction at the local airport is the largest of the 85 national airport projects. Here’s how Logan plans to spend $62 million.

The majority of the funding ($50 million) will be allocated to modernize Terminal E, the airport’s international gate. This upgrade will add 95,000 sqft, update three existing gates + add services to accommodate larger aircrafts.

The airport now serves four times as many passengers as it did when the terminal first opened in 1974. The increase in traffic has caused increased wait times and delays so the upgrades should help alleviate the turbulence.

The remaining $12 million will be used to fix the roadways that planes use to travel across the airport campus.

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