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Explore the Red Planet at the Museum of Science

Get ready for an out-of-this-world experience through in-person and virtual exhibits.

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Two people standing in front of the Mars globe at the Museum of Science.

Get ready for takeoff — we’re headed to Mars.

Photo provided by Museum of Science

The journey to Mars starts here, Boston. If you’ve ever dreamed of exploring another planet, you can start the adventure right now at the Museum of Science.

The Museum’s new Mars Spotlight highlights the wonder and possibilities of venturing to the Red Planet. Through the Museum’s on-site exhibits and live presentations, virtual learning experiences, and in-classroom activities, you can gain insight into the complexity, opportunity, and awe of Mars.

  • Dream up what might be possible by stopping by the Mars globe or interactive immersion room.
  • Get tickets to the Planetarium to experience “Explore: Mars LIVE!” and “Destination Mars: The New Frontier.”
  • See a full-scale model of NASA’s Perseverance Rover at their newest exhibit “AI: Making the Invisible Visible.”
  • And more

Start planning your experience — and check out a recap of ours — at the Museum of Science.

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