Ben Affleck spotted at a Medford Dunkin’

He just can’t get enough iced coffee.

Screenshot of Instagram post showing Ben Affleck serving at Dunkin'

The “Good Will Hunting” star sure loves caffeine.

Original photo by @lisamackay7

This Cambridge native + Dunkin’ are the perfect blend.

Ben Affleck was spotted yesterday behind the counter at a Dunkin’ in Medford, along with Jennifer Lopez. Rumor has it he’s in town shooting a new commercial for Boston’s go-to coffee spot, continuing his years-long Dunkin’ love affair.

If you’re just now learning about the actor’s Dunkin’ connection, we’ll break it down for you:

☕ He drinks it every day. While we love a medium iced regular every now and then, his Dunkin’ devotion is definitely more intense.

☕ There are so many paparazzi photos of him with a Dunkin’ cup in his hand that we’re starting to lose count — here’s a quick ranking of the top 15.

In our humble opinion, nothing will ever beat these photos of Ben juggling his multiple coffees + munchkins while wearing a “Believe in Boston” shirt, aka “the most 2020 thing ever.”

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