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Boston Neighborhoods as dog breeds

Only one region can claim the city’s beloved Boston Terrier. Who will be top dog?

A Cockapoo sits in front of the Charles River and Zakim Bridge

Cockapoos rep the Seaport on our paw-fect list.

Photo by @huge.le.beau

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Boston may have some of the country’s most uneven + meandering streets, but you have to admit: They’re amazing for dog walking (or dog watching, for those folks with pet-free leases). To honor the final dog days of summer, we’ve taken the liberty of visualizing some local neighborhoods as different dog breeds.

American Bully: South Boston

A little gruff + a huge heart of gold: That’s an equation that South Boston and American Bullies share in spades. If we had to picture a Dunkin’-drinking Fenway fanatic in dog form, it’d be this sturdy, self-assured breed of pitbull.

Bolognese: North End

Of all the gorgeous Italian breeds — the Bracco Italiano, Volpino, Saint Bernard — it just makes sense to pick the dainty Bolognese for the area that serves up more scrumptious spaghetti than anywhere else in the city. Their petite size makes them ideal for the area’s equally tiny apartments.

Boston Terrier: Fenway-Kenmore

Blame this pick on Boston University. Kenmore claims the city’s namesake breed, thanks to the Boston Terrier’s longtime status as the mascot of this nearby university.

Some quick trivia: BU’s signature terrier is named Rhett, a cheeky choice that connects its school color — scarlet — to “Gone With The Wind.” (“No one loves Scarlett more than Rhett” — get it?)

Chinese Crested: Allston

We challenge you to find any dog breed that better resembles a college student exiting a super-secret Allston basement show than the Chinese Crested. That tousled hair simultaneously howls “DIY or die” and “rock isn’t dead.”

A close second choice is the Rat Terrier — selected for the area’s “Rat City” nickname.

Cockapoo: Seaport

Of course the original “designer dog” resembles the Seaport. Half poodle and half Cocker Spaniel, this pooch is all class, all the time + always ready for a thought-provoking stroll through the Institute of Contemporary Art or a refined bowl of chow at Lolita.

Disagree with our dogs? Have pooch picks of your own? Let us know.

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