Our readers’ local love stories

For Valentine’s Day, we made a Proxi map of love stories submitted by our readers, including romantic tales at Source Restaurants and Boston College.

Boston's skyline with heart-shaped map pins over various locations.

Our readers found love all across Boston. | Graphic via 6AM City

For Valentine’s Day 2024, we made a map of local places where our readers have made memories. We asked for your help compiling everything from proposals to making friends. You did not disappoint.

Explore these local love stories by clicking on the hearts, but there’s just a few love stories that we just had to share:

  • "[Source Restaurants] is where we had our first date eating souffle pancakes. It was end of October but for some reason it was a beautiful warm sunny day that day. I had to dig out a summer sun dress to wear. I honestly thought the date wasn’t going to go well and had asked my friend to give me an escape after 2 hours. However I never needed it. Brunch turned into a long walk from Harvard to central along the river. Before I knew it I had lost track of time ...”
  • “My husband and I met while sophomores at BU. I worked at the dining hall on campus and invited him by for a free lunch been together for 14 years!”
  • “My best friend and I were roommates [at Boston College] Freshman year. We hated each other! Fought constantly, couldn’t agree on noise or messiness. After we moved out, we didn’t speak until midway through Sophomore year when we were in the same class... and suddenly we just clicked. Now we’re best friends (just not best roomies lol).”

Now we’re really feeling the love.

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