New TD Garden bag policy

We’re unpacking the rules for the new bag policy for your next trip to TD Garden.

Crowds gather in front of TD Garden

Unpack the new bag policy before your next visit to the Garden.

Double-check your bags before your next trip to the Garden. The local arena has now partnered with the Waltham-based company Evolv Technology and has introduced a new bag policy.

There is new security screening technology in place that uses sensors and AI technology to screen fans while walking through checkpoints without having to stop and empty their pockets or bags.

The updated bag policy, which took effect during the Bruins game on Saturday, wasn’t announced on social channels until Sunday. It limits guests to bags that are six inches long, four inches tall, and one and a half inches thick. Read: The size of a standard photo or postcard.

Of course, there are exceptions to the new rules, including bags from the Boston Proshop, diaper bags, and medical needs. Heads up: Visitors with bags that don’t meet the new sizing rules will be instructed to check their items with The Mobile Locker Company on Legends Way for a $15 fee.

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