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This 12-day event will get your creative juices flowing

Learn how design plays a key role in making life better at the 11th annual Boston Design Week: “Designing for the Future — Preserving for the Future”.

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A man walks by the glowing Harriet Tubman Monument, illuminated by light.

Exterior lighting can serve as an effective urban planning tool, improve the aesthetics and urban legibility of the city, contribute to public safety, and highlight Boston’s unique urban environment.

Photo by Cesar Melgar

Design enthusiasts, rejoice: Boston Design Week is back, happening April 23-May 5. This 12-day event will feature 70+ mostly free in-person, indoor and outdoor events citywide, including the annual Design Week Awards on Friday, May 3.

Explore every aspect of design, from landscape design and architecture to urban planning and the social impact of design. Seasoned designers + newcomers can dive into events like:

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